We are a Polish consulting company. On the basis of our own experience in the international business, we offer professional and complex support to small, medium and big enterprises, which only start their activity at the international markets. We offer complex solutions necessary for the smooth operation of every organization.

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Market analysis

Company registration

Company development



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Market analysis

Entering a new market or introducing a new product to the market are one of the biggest challenges for every company. It is very often connected with a big investment risk. That is why it is very important to verify the market before making the decision, in order to minimize the risks. In CLK CONSULTING we make detailed studies of the market to verify the product you are willing to introduce, or the activity you want to develop. We analyze the strong and week points, opportunities and risks related to the investment. We specialize in the market analysis of China as well as European countries.

Company registration

Starting the business activity in the new country, you need to go through all the legal regulations and company set up forms. In CLK CONSULTING we will guide you smoothly through all the legal aspects of the company set up in Europe or China. We will advice the best legal options, help you to find the office, recruit your future employees and support you in all formalities related.

Company development

To develop the company activity at the new market, it is always a long and complicated process. CLK CONSULTING using the knowledge and experience is offering a full support in the company development at the market. Preparing the strategy and the team, marketing and PR.


Capital investments, sales of shares, mergers and acquisitions, require a detailed market search and study for the potential investors. In CLK CONSULTING we are supporting and advising our customers in finding strategic business partners, private equities or individual investors, ready to invest in your business ideas.


Management is one of the most difficult and complicated process in the development of the whole organization. CLK CONSULTING using the the experience of its consultants and partners, supports and gives advice to Managers in the company management. We create the process and tools required to develop the company and its activity. We also offer Contract Management, Project Management, making strategies, building teams.


To create the right image of the company through the right communication with the market and media is nowadays a necessary factor for a company to function. CLK CONSULTING in professional way, takes care of your right communication in corporate PR, brands and products PR of your company. We offer the service of media contacts and crisis communication.


Logistic costs are one of the biggest costs in the company. In CLK CONSULTING, we can prepare complex programs to verify and improve the logistic processes in your company and optimize the costs and efficiency, especially in transport organization, storing and delivery of the goods.


Verification of your business partner, production facility, quality of the products, or logistic process of the delivery is the standard procedure at the beginning of every international business relation. In CLK CONSULTING we offer a complex auditing service to verify the company details, its existence, production process, loading process or quality of the products. We specialize in the European and Asian markets.


Passionate in business, with many years of experience in the company management. Experienced in marketing, international trade and logistics. Specialized in the international trading law. Involved in the several international projects, including the investment projects. Attenders and speaker experts in international conferences.


Degree in international business at the Poznan University of Economics. With many years of experience in high level management in the international trade and distribution company at global market.

Specializes in company management, sales development, logistics and marketing at the international market. Expert at Asian market. Investment adviser at the mergers and acquisitions.

PIOTR BEYER (Consultant)

Graduated from the faculties of Commodity Science and Management at the Poznan University of Economics and the Master in Management Program (International Business and Project Development) at ESCP Europe in Paris.

During his studies associated with the market research department of a major European retail chain. Active member of the Student Scientific Group which carried out projects for many Polish companies and Universities.

Specializes in management and development of enterprises in the global market and construction of companies' loyalty programs.


International business specialist.

In the last 8 years, an expert and adviser in the several international business projects for the companies ranked at the Top 500 companies in Poland, listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, from private and public sector.

Taking part as an adviser in the international projects of marketing and market developments in Ukraine, Moldova, USA, RSA, UE, Russia and Turkey. Adviser to the foreign companies entering Polish market.

As an expert of the Eastern European market, taking part at the international projects funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. Many years of experience in business development at the CIS countries.


Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Since 2005, Legal Adviser and Partner at Orłowski Matwijcio Legal Advisers’ Law Office.

Specializes in the legal advice at: legal aspects of the company set up and forms of activity. Legal aspects of the investment and capital transactions including the privatization process. Acquiring company shares and stocks also including the companies listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Legal aspects of the acquisitions, mergers and other assets, including properties. Legal audits of the companies.